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in alabama together obviously and she later became a john notte professor. she founded the university in pennsylvania. so, a very lively woman. and unfortunately passed last year in june after completing the book. >> so this book is desert rose, the life and legacy of coretta scott king and the author is your aunt. when did she write this book? >> welcome it was a journey that began with my mother's request to write her story. at that time both of my parents were constantly being threatened she was confirmed she wouldn't be lost and wanted people to know she wasn't just the life of martin luther king jr. and mother of children but the role in the movement and very much an activist before she met martin luther king so from that angle as well as wanting to tell the story of the women in the movement because we don't hear a lot about the women in the civil rights movement. so 68 come april fourth she put the manuscript in the mailbox and that evening my father had been assassinated. she put aside the process and helped my mother out with us, the children for a couple of years and helping
and the national championship with alabama vs. notre dame. and a couple of laughs. coming up.. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. resolutions, kept. and charmin is $13.99 for 30 double rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> pam: the man who police say, opened fire on the campus of a small oakland college -- has been deemed *not competent to stand trial. this is the suspect - one goh --- in a previous court date. he was in front of a judge today for a mental competency hearing. goh is accused of going on a shooting rampage at oikos university in april of last year. his attorney says, a psychiatrist determined that goh suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. you are looking at video from the scene of the massacre. seven people were killed in that shooting. three others hurt. >> a federa
the fixes come? >> maybe alabama doesn't come back in the second half. >> for notre dame coach brian kelly, alabama did come back for the second half. they won big. good morning, i'm mark halpern. this is "way too early." thanks for getting up with us on this tuesday, january 8th. we've got a lot to cover this morning including president obama rolling out his picks for secretary of defense and cia director. we'll show you what he said about his nominees and what the skeptics are saying from both sides of the aisle. before we get to the news live here at 5. 306789 in new york city, alabama cemented the status as a bona fide college football dynasty after thrashing an overmatched notre dame team. 42-14. the crimson tide cruised to the third national title in just four years. they become the first team in the bcs era to win back to back titles as well. alabama's big win assures the rest of the country we won't stop hearing those taunting sec chants as this conference has now won an amazing seven straight national titles. we'll have the full highlights of the performance in just a moment. but
mother so she was my aunt. she and my mother grew up in alabama together and she later became a drama professor. in fact she founded the drama department at the state university. she was a very lively woman and unfortunately passed last year in june. after completing this book. >> this book is desert rose the life and legacy of coretta scott king and the author is your aunt eva scott dagley? when did she write this book lacks. >> guest: well it was a journey that began with my mother's requested 1966 to write her story. at that time both of my parents were constantly being threatened. my mother was concerned one that her story be told and she wouldn't be lost in it -- come wanted people to know that she was not just the wife of martin luther king and the mother of his children but she in fact played a vital role in the movement and was an activist before she met martin king. she encouraged it from that angle as well as wanting to tell the stories of women in the movement. we don't hear a lot about the women of the civil rights moment -- movement. she set out to write it and 68 april 4
. >>> i don't want to talk about this. a new dynasty. it's alabama in a rout on college football's biggest stage. did you stay up and watch? >> you know, i knew it was happening. you could just tell it was going down. >> did you set your alarm clock to get up and watch? >> i saw enough of the game to know where it was headed. >> so you watched about two minutes of the game. good morning, folks. welcome to "early start." >> i don't want to rub it in, but one of us was right and one of us was wrong. you are the wrong one. >> i will eat microtoday. it's in my coffee. >> i was right. it's january 8th, and it's 5:00 a.m. >> i was wrong. >> up first this morning, roll tide. and we're talking a major roll. a rout inside a blowout wrapped in a complete drubbing. the alabama crimson tide crushed notre dame 42-14 to win the college national championship. alabama scored touchdowns the first three times it had the ball. they led 28 at halftime. that's why i got a full night's sleep. alabama quarterback a.j. mccarron threw for four touchdown passes in all. the tide has now won 3 of the last 4 titles in
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of them, victor from alabama about his dreams. >> i am 21 years old. i am on documented. i do not have a license. what can i do? we do not have any buses here? we do not have any metro. my mother and father drive throughout the state without a license and without a work permit. if they were ever to get pulled over that could be the last time i could see them. i have been here in birmingham for 14 years. i have to say goodbye to a lot of my friends. they have been deported. i love the state of alabama. when i was growing up i always questioned my parents, why they brought me here. now i really cannot imagine living anywhere else. i am at a crosswords. i have work permits. if you're undocumented you cannot get student loans, federal loans from the government. i graduated in 2010. i was accepted to universities here and in alabama bridge of georgia. i was not allowed to attend because i would be charged as an international student. it is usually three or four times the amount. i'm happy to believe what the president says. what he says is not often what he does. when was elected on could t
found alabama quarterback a.j. mccarren's girlfriend in the stand, and brent musburger went nuts. >> now, when you're a quarterback of bm ma, you see that lovely lady there? that's a.j. mccarron's girlfriend. you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. >> that alabama game is the gift that keeps on gives. the real one, katherine webb, also selling newspapers now, on the cover of the "new york post." you want to see that? there she is right there. good morning. i'm brian shackman this is "way too early," the show that will not comment on your girl or boyfrien boyfriend. thank you for being up this wednesday, january 9th. new signs that the white house may be willing to withdraw nearly all troops from afghanistan by 2014. we'll explain what that means for our efforts there. also set your dvrs, we have a concrete date for the testimony of secretary of state hillary clinton on bengahzi. first a pair of state of the state addresses that are drawing national attention. in new york state, if governor andrew cuomo has his way, the state could be the first to push through sweeping new g
coliseum. threw the christians to the lions. at least you could have been kinder. >> alabama -- wanted to come out and make a statement. they were number two going into the game. >> bill: they made a statement all right. >> they made a damn statement. >> bill: that quarterback a.j. mccarran on espn throwing his fourth touchdown pass. >> he throws it into the end zone. touchdown. it's two for cooper. and it's 41-7, alabama. and a.j. mccarran has thrown four touchdown passes on this national championship night. >> bill: on the final call, crimson tide. >> the celebration is underway. the tide has risen again for the third time in four years nick sabine and alabama college football king, the crimson tide, the best in 2012. they're the national champions. back to back they've done to again. >> bill: all right peter ogborn, you have my permission to gloat. >> i'm going to gloat all day. >> bill: for the next minute, you can just gloat. there was no contest. >> no. it was never a contest. it was never a contest. and you know, if you watched some of the pregame stuff because like i said, i'm
alabama, la paliza, alabama sigue inundando de títulos, demostraron que no siempre los mejores están en el primer lugar, en el fútbol mexicano dos figuras pagan el precio de su descontrol en la cancha. >>> el delantero de chivas, miguel sabah fue suspendido dos partido para la patada que le pegó a edgar dueñas de toluca, así se pierde los encuentros contra santos y cruz azul. >>> también la comisión sancionó a miguel el piojo herrera, el piojo dijo que aceptaría cualquier sanción por parte del equipo. >>> la liga mx del fútbol mexicano aparece como la número 20 a nivel mundial, además es la mejor de la zona de la concacaf, según anunció la federación internacional de historia y estadística de fútbol, el ranking se basa enlso resultados en campeonatos nacionales, intercontinentales y de federaciones, españa está en primer lugar, seguida por la brasileña y la alemana. >>> el delantero tito villa dijo que el 2013 es su revancha para demostrar su capacidad goleadora después de anotar 3 goles, el delantero dijo que su paso por pumas fue de las peores cosas que le ha tocado
edition bed. an alabama team that was looking for their thrid national title in four ye >>> odd makers made undefeated notre dame a 10 point under dog against an alabama team looking for their third title in four years. our producer insisted on showing the quarterback's girlfriend for some reason. no wonder the alabama quarterback played so well he had the tide rolling. 14-0 after 1. 28-0, alabama at half time. amari cooper to make it 35-0 alabama, mccarran touches down another one to cooper, tide wins. 529-yards, total offence. nick sabine wins his fourth title. >> it is not about me, it is really about seeing all those people being happy and being proud of what this team was able to accomplish, and you know that is the thing that makes me happy and whether i like it or not, -- look it or not i am happy as hell. >> seven years ago when the 49ers chose alex overurgers i caught up with him after he was drafted it was such a great sound bite we have used it. >> how dispointed are you? >> not as disappointed as the 49ers will be they didn't draft me.
florida the top ranked fighting irish of notre dame tangle with second ranked alabama for the bcs title. notre dame has a 5-1 all-time record against alabama. these two teams haven't faced each other on the gridiron since 1987. each has nine national titles. kickoff is 8:30 eastern. >> that's pretty late. >> are you watching the game? >> i am. >> you're wearing green today. you're clearly siding with the irish today. >>> there is some other sports news, believe it or not. the lockout, the nhl lockout that put the hockey season on ice could soon be over. they reached a tentative agreement sunday following a marathon bargaining session. the proposed ten-year agreement must go to players and owners. if the players approve it they should be back on the ice to begin a shortened season as early as next week. you know what people always say in hockey, the only thing that matters is the playoffs. if they have the playoffs, that's all that matters. >> people think more than the playoffs. >>> president obama signed into law a $9.7 billion superstorm sandy aid package. most of that will be used to
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dozens of accidents from alabama to west virginia. >> i feel like we're not prepared for it, like most other states. >> reporter: in eastern tennessee, the fresh winter white slowed traffic to a crawl. students at the university of alabama turned the rare scene into a campus-wide snowball fight. >> i'm from tuscaloosa, alabama, so, i'm not used to the snow. i'm used to sun. >> reporter: tonight, winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings stretch from the carolinas through maryland. areas like raleigh, north carolina, could pick up more than three inches of snow. now, this much snow in that part of the south is a big deal. you're about to see some fun video from brandon, mississippi, where they picked up just about an inch and a half of snow. having a lot of good times with that. but this is, overall, in the season, about two times what they normally see, diane. and places like callman, alabama, who got four inches, now almost four times what a city like chicago has had this season. >> four times chicago? >> reporter: four times. >> all right, thank you, ginger. as we said, it'
bridge -- pettis bridge in selma, alabama. king's lieutenants started off on a march from the town of selma, across the bridge with the stated intent of marching to montgomery. none of them had toothpaste or backpack -- a few of them had backpacks. it was a challenge. the idea was to produce a confrontation. and it did. i'm sure all of us have seen the pictures of sherr riffs' deputies, state -- sherr riffs' deputies, state troopers, trampling the demonstrators. the crisis became what to do next. the way johnson and king handled that was really awesome. king was under intense pressure to march again two days later. thousands of supporters, ministers from all over the united states had come to march with him. leaders of snick were pushing him to march and accusing him, some of them, of being a coward if he didn't march. johnson was under enormous pressure to send federal troops en masse to alabama. both of them had a lee democrata. king's dilemma, he had never violated a federal court order, although he violated hundreds of ordinances and state laws, most of which were unconstitutio
'll bring you alabama's big bcs victory. after the game, so many football fans are still talking about this. no matter who you're rooting for, nobody wants a rout of a title game. you don't want to see it come down to that final game and it is a boring blowout like it was last night. i was hoping the irish win. i'm not an alabama fan. and the commish was rooting for the irish. >> i'm speechless. it was so ugly. >> there's really nothing to say. it was ugly. >> just cry into your mug. >> that's all i can do. >>> and later, she sings about love, and looking for love. well, this morning, the fearless taylor swift's own romantic life is starting to sound like a bittersweet country music song. hear all about it in "the skinny." >> oh, poor taylor. just can't -- >> she just can't get it together in the love area. >> you know, some of those stars have a hard time finding that special somebody. >> she needs to give me a call. >> willis says give me a call. she'll have better look in high school. >>> but first, our top story this morning. new details from the scene of that mass shooting in aurora, c
the economy has contracted since the recession ended. coming up, a hostage situation underway in alabama. we have details on how authorities are trying to save a six-year-old child from armed gunmen. >> another miracle on the hudson and this is caught on tape. >> a new study that takes a different approach to losing weight. next jacqui jeras will be back for >> the gun-control control debate is heating up on capitol hill with the senate judiciary committee hearing on gun violence underway for the first hearing since the sandy hook shooting. one of the witnesses with congresswoman gabrielle giffords who had trouble speaking after being severely wounded in a shooting two years ago, but she said it was important for her to be there today here at -- today. >> many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. it will be hard but the time is now. you must act. >> giffords and her husband after not mark kelly cup -- astronaut mark kelly started an organization called americans for responsible solutions. >> in alabama a six-year-old boy is in danger him a being held hostage by a man
. be healthy. >> alabama and notre dame squared off in the national championship game tonight. it was over early, i mean really early, complete domination and humiliation of the fighting irish. >> the island of hawaii may love manti taio, but alabama not showing him any love. bama up 7-0 in a flash. first half, mccarran off to lacey. 360 spin move and in. 28 or alabama at the half. third quarter, the diving interception, and i started watching "the bachelor" at that point. the girl in the wedding dress got a rose. mckaren to a wide-open cooper. nick saban, continues to it good it done. the crimson tide rolls with their thirdback championship in four years, 42-14 the final. >> did a great job in the game. controlled the whole tempo of the game by the way we moved the ball. did an exceptional job. we didn't finish the game very well on defense but we played well early. i'm really, really happy with the team win we had. >> to the nfl. david akers and billy kundif held a kickoff, part of the competition to see who will kick for the 49ers saturday night. they may be kicking off against each oth
championship game. with notre dame facing number two alabama. there will be a national hockey season this year, they ended the lockout and play a shortened season that begins next week. >>> the tournament of champions pga will try again to play some golf, wind gusts have delayed the start for three days in a row. >> that was funny to watch. >> all places in hawaii. >> one picture where the caddie was putting his finger on the golf ball for the guy to hit it. who do you got tonight, notre dame and alabama? >> i'll say notre dame. no offense to alabama. >> all right. i'll go with alabama then. >>> good morning, anyway, temperatures todays, very warm, very beautiful, just like yesterday, enjoy it in the northeast. no problems whatsoever. look at this forecast ahead in washington, d.c., the nation's capital has a chance on a wednesday to hit 60 degrees. all week we'll enjoy this january thaw. towards the middle of next week is it looks like the next shot of cold weather will come down. >>> just ahead -- michael j. fox returns to tv. >>> plus, find out where honey boo boo's money is going now that
in alabama where police are negotiating with with a gunman holding a 6-year-old hostage after shooting and killing a bus driver. >>> major reaction to the immigration overhaul. >>> hillary clinton talks about her greatest failure as secretary of state. >>> bizarre weather patterns causing major troubles and a war veter veteran's life changing arm translant operation. >>> we begin with a developing story out of alabama are where a bus driver have been shot and killed and a 6-year-old child is missing. tuesday afternoon a man boarded a school bus in alabama. when the driver wouldn't release a child to his custody, the man shot the child. police will not confirm a child hostage situation. we'll update you with new information as it becomes available. >>> many are still reacting to president obama's immigration policy speech in las vegas yesterday where he stated that now is the time to fix what he called a broken system. republican lawmakers are warning there's only so farther willing to compromise on the issue. tracie potts is live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good
for grabs tonight in the the bcs national championship game. number one notre dame and number two alabama going to go head to head in one of the most anticipated bowl games really in many years. two of the most popular storied programs in the country. there has been a lot of hype. after all, e is spn is involved. can it live up you to it? jim grey is with us this afternoon. great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> shepard: i don't know if notre dame can keep up with them or not. nice to see a good game. do you think we will get one? >> everything would indicate not. alabama is much better team. notre dame give up 10.3 points per game and alabama 10.7 but alabama hass competition has been so much better. has been the luck of the irish when you you look at how they got in here. the field goal kicker messed up in triple overtime and they beat pittsburgh and got lucky in a game beating stanford. purdue took them to the limit but alabama had a lucky route as well. oregon and kansas state both lost so here we are. >> john: football from teak a&m is the only one that seemed to get anything
in alabama right in the heart of some of the most dramatic events that occurred in the civil rights movement. and one of those occurred in my home town of marion alabama. pretty dramatic. >> ready live now? >> i live in tuscaloosa, alabama , 60 miles up the road but almost in another more recent century and my small hometown. >> and dark room is a lot about the civil rights movement and some of the experiences that you had. a want to start with your father what did he do for a living and what was his experience like? >> my father was a teacher. he had a background in the ministry. he was an amateur photographer who did some free-lance work. that figures centrally in my book. >> and i wanted to ask about his ministry because he had been assigned to some churches, and you read about that in here. what was his experience? >> this was -- actually my family's first immigration before i was born, 1948 my father came to the u.s. and he studied at the seminary in new orleans. he went around and it since peaking at various places there where he encountered institutionalized segregation even in the ch
unfolded. according to the reports, this guy stormed a school bus in midland city, alabama, two hours south, and the gunman tried to go for two, but when the driver refused to let the kid go, the man shot him several times and took the six-year-old boy with him and left for a bunker that's apparently beneath his house. that bus driver was dead. and a neighbor says that the bus driver had visited the map's home the day before the shooting and he had brought the man eggs and something for some kind of repair work he had done. the neighbors call him combative and paranoid, but here's what they told fox news yesterday. >> we have evacuated the immediate area around where the location is, and we have worked very hard to keep information flowing, but again, the res is our number one priority is the safety of the child. >> the kidnapped child, the six-year-old boy had special needs, and overnight, the team was able to send medication to him down a pvc pipe. they're talking through the pipe and communicating with the gunman. again, he's underground, believed to be holed up with the child. and eliza
. >> going all the way. drops it off. in the end zone, touchdown, alabama. tide rolling again. if this was a prizefight, they'd call it off. >> coach, doesn't seem the defense we have really grown to seeing all season. where do they need to come in the second half? >> maybe alabama doesn't come in the second half. it's all albaabama. >> unfortunately for the head coach, alabama did return for the second half, is there no debating it. alabama has cemented its status as a bona fide college football dynasty after thrashing and offer matched notre dame 42-14 in last night's championship game. willie, it just started that way for notre dame and never came back. it was over before it even began. >> two teams playing a different game. notre dame was the high ranked team at number 1. this was the time alabama was to be taken down. it was clear, what do you figure, 10 minutes into the game? notre dame was offer matched. >> in the first quarter. >> it was done. >> it was 28-0 before you could blink your eye. >> i tried to watch, i did. n even past 10:00. on espn, these men talking, they
's emigration to the united states. we settled in alabama right on the time in history where civild rights was pretty dramatic. in >> where do you live now? >> i live in tuscaloosa which is 60 miles up the road. more r almost another more recent my century that my small hometown. >> and your book, "darkroom" is erth about these experiences that yod had. h i want to start about your father. what did he do for living inacks what was hiso experience like? >> my father was a teacher and yet a background also in thehe e ministry. th and he was an amateur photographer that did some freelance work. not placed centrally in my book. >> i wanted to ask about his cr, ministering.and you he had been assigned to some as churches and you're right abouti that in here. what was his experience? >> well, before i was born, inme 1948, my father came to the united states and he studied ath a seminary in new orleans. and hed went around where he encountered two schweizspok segregation even in the church. >> at one time he spoke at a black church and invited the choir to attend the service at a >> ge church?
. >> alabama crimson tide are the big winners. >> everybody knows, done with the story. >> that's all from "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. >> "starting point" with soledad o'brien starts right now. >>> on "starting point," the crimson tide, yes, we'll talk about it steam rolled to victory. rolls past notre dame. and second straight bcs title. and an eyebrow race raising comment, yes, we're talking to you brent mussberger. >>> chuck hagel named defense secretary nominee. his confirmation will be anything but easy. >>> and we have a date. the u.s. could default on the debt ceiling earlier than expected. what it means for you. >>> and an exclusive exchange when piers morgan sits down with a man who wants him deported. >> 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. >> more from that, coming up. >>> members of the championship crimson tide football team, mike xwnch olic, and mike greenberg. mike buttry. talk about addiction with patrick kennedy and christopher kennedy lawford and the former university of texas track coach, bev kearney will join to us t
debate and miss alabama and his fight with bill maher. that's a must-see on hannity. a chilling 911 call from a mother forced to shoot an intruder. what the president and media will not tell you how this gun saved this mother's life and her nine year old twins. that 911 tape coming up. >> if he opens that door, you shoot him, do you understand? just remember everything that i showed you, everything i taught you, all right? ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy. to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete. woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the t recover from hurr
is on a role. number 2 alabama crushing notre dame 42-14. lacy was named mvp. his girlfriend stealing the shows in the stand. alabama. second straight title and third in four years. head coach now with four national championships. that is your 5@5:00. >>> fox news alert the only suspect in custody on the attack in benghazi has been released. ordering the release of ali karzai. four americans were killed including the u.s. ambassador to libya. we will be hearing from secretary clinton on the benghazi attack. returning to work after a month of battling health issues. molly henneberg has more on this. >> when she will testify we don't know. but the state department says she will. congress is in recess until january 21st. so presumably sometime shortly after that. >> she will testify, she will testify while she is still sitting secretary of state. she is prepared to do it in open session if that's what the committees would like. my understanding is that's what they would like. obviously we are still talking to them. >>> secretary clinton returned to work yesterday after a rough december where she d
. >>> an alabama teenager will be in court tomorrow. charges in a plot against his school. 17-year-old derek shrout is a self-proclaimed white sum rem sift. a terch found a notebook that revealed his plans. a search of his home revealed dozens of containers filled with shrapnel. with holes drilled for fuses. he'll be tried as an adult. >> in aurora, colorado, the shooter from the movie theater attack will be in court as well. a hundred relatives of the victims are expected to be in court. prosecutors will review the evidence for the first time. he's charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. this could be the closest any of the families will get to a trial because holmes could accept a plea bargain to avoid the death penalty. >>> in newtown, a community deciding what to do with an outpouring of sympathy sent their way. after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. signs of grief and support from across the country blanketing their town three weeks after the attack. the town deciding where to put it all. and this evening, not far from that town, a gun show this weekend. in fact, gun
, the atmosphere in sunlife stadium in miami is electric, and rightfully so. alabama and notre dame bring their shared legacies of historical scope and singular excellence to the field. one of those legacies will be burnished tonight with another national title. and if you're not one of the 75,000 people lucky enough to pack this stadium, you might be one of the 30 million plus watching at home. an audience that figures to make this the most watched cable event in television history. two football powerhouses, with legacies on the line. the blue and gold fighting irish of notre dame and the crimson tide of alabama. this is the game. the one everyone wants to see. and the rush for tickets almost as intense as the fight on the field. notre dame fighting irish, the alabama crimson tide. they are ready to see their two teams play for a national title. and take a look. ill mean, look at how far this stretches. the average ticket is going for almost $2,000. but if you want the best, a box suite, that's going for a remarkable $200,000. even the nosebleeds, nearly a grand a piece. hall of famer jo
sabroso y fresco. . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> alabama se lucio està noche ante notre dame , parece que ,los barrieron . >>> buenas noches muchas gracias , bienvenidos esto es acción deportiva , se bajo el telon de la temporada en el fútbol americano colegial alabama buscaba su tercer título ante notre dame . >>> con su campaña invicta . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> en el papel pintaba para partidazo en el terreno de juego la historia fue diferente , alabama no dejó respirar williams y touchdown , lac lazy ,y anotacion alabama se adjudico la victoria con paliza , 42 a 14 una historia , título naciónal número 15 para el equipo de alabama , le dio sólo un juego de suspension a miguel piojo herrera . >>> al que se le dieron más fuerte , el delantero miguel sava , 2 partidos por su expulsion más malas noticias para chivas de guadalajara héctor reynoso con pacitis en el pie izquierdo . >>> lionel messi gano por cuarta ocasion el balón de oro . >>> agradecer a mi familia a mis amigos y por último y muy especialmente a mi mujer e hijo que es lo más lindo qu
the morning. >>> we begin this morning with a fox news alert. a tense hostage situation unfolding in alabama. more than 30 hours after the gunman kidnapped a 6-year-old boy off of a school bus. craig boswell is live with the latest. >>> good morning to you. we are 36 hours, a day and a half now inand very little information overnight. we are told we will be updated with information around 6:00 a.m. local time. that's a couple hours from now. we are in midland city, alabama. the property over my left shoulder you can't see much because it's very dark. we have been moved way away from the scene that's going on right now a scene t fully taken over by the fbi. jimmy lee dikes retired trucker navy veteran abuse cued of killi -- accused of killing a bus driver. there were 22 kids on the bus. he allegedly grabbed the little boy holding that little boy hostage in a homemade bunker. >> i can assure you the negotiators continue to communicate with the suspect. this time we have no reason to believe the child has been harmed. >>> that bunker about sometimes you will see in alabama 4 feet by 8 feet. the
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.com. ... ... >>. >>> you see that lovely lady there. she also miss alabama and sha is a.j.'s girlfriend and right there is deedee, you corner backs you get all the beautifully women. >> whoa. >> you are a youngster in alabama, start getting the football out and throwing around the backyard. >> espn brent musberger and announcer taking a break from the title game introduced the audience to katherine web b. it got little reaction a creepy and awkward and this from sue carter a journalism professor, it's inappropriate to focus on an individual's looks. it's a major personal violation and it's so retrograde it's embarrassing. s pn apologized says musberger's commentary too far. >> musburger. this is ridiculous and it shows what you is wrong with the journalism schools. she is former beauty queen. get over it! >> ellen, i think is in agreement. >> it is ridiculous. who cares. it was a comment. it's sports, she is a beauty queen, give me a break. >> rush limbaugh there is all kinds of criticism directed at musburger but when cnn had a new year's eve sim ui lighted oral sex incident between cooper and g
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! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >> alabama and notre dame squared off in the national championship game tonight. it was over early, i mean really early, complete domination and humiliation of the fighting irish. >> the island of hawaii may love manti taio, but alabama not showing him any love. bama up 7-0 in a flash. first half, mccarran off to lacey. 360 spin move and in. 28 or alabama at the half. third quarter, the diving interception, and i started watching "the bachelor" at that point. the girl in the wedding dress got a rose. mckaren to a wide-open cooper. nick saban, continues to it good it done. the crimson tide rolls with their thirdback championship in four years, 42-14 the final. >> did a great job in the game. controlled the whole tempo of the game by the way we moved the ball. did an exceptional job. we didn't finish the game very well on defense but we played well early. i'm really, really happy with the team win we had. >> to the nfl. david akers and billy kundif held a kickoff, part of the competition to see who will kick for the 49ers s
for $29 a month for six months. at&t. national spotlight, but cle not ready for primetime aga alabama in the bcs ta rt the >>> notre dame is back in the national spotlight but clearly not ready for prime time gain alabama in the bcs championship. as expected the irish did not play like a champion. with his girlfriend looking on yes, alabama quarterback, aj mckaren had the tide rolling. off to a 14-0 lead, 28-0 in half time. cooper for the 34-yard score. caps it off with a 4-yard touchdown. tide wins 42-14. 529-yards of offence. nick sabine wins his fourth title. yes, indeed. >>> decided he would rather pursue a career in the nfl former monoat that vista star, got 15 touchdowns in his three seasons on the pond. according to chicago tribune, mike singletary will interview for bear's head coaching vacancy on friday. he is practically worshiped in chicago. he is one of many coaches to interview for that job. i put in a call to see if we would have a response by 11:00 p.m. >> dennis who? >> not you again ,, to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was
the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. >> alabama and notre dame squared off in the national championship game tonight. it was over early, i mean really early, complete domination and humiliation of the fighting irish. >> the island of hawaii may love manti taio, but alabama not showing him any love. bama up 7-0 in a flash. first half, mccarran off to lacey. 360 spin move and in. 28 or alabama at the half. third quarter, the diving interception, and i started watching "the bachelor" at that point. the girl in the wedding dress got a rose. mckaren to a wide-open cooper. nick saban, continues to it good it done. the crimson tide rolls with their thirdback championship in four years, 42-14 the final. >> did a great job in the game. controlled the whole tempo of the game by the way we moved the ball. did an exceptional job. we didn't finish the game very well on defense but we played well early. i'm really, really happy with the team win we had. >> to the nfl. david akers and billy kundif held a kickoff, part of the competition to see who will kick for the 49e
mississippi and definitely the southern half of alabama but that's really about it. temperatures are more or less the story. the big question is, is this the coldest week of winter? who knows how it's going to play out but it's been really cold especially in the northern plains and a cold blast up in new england. but the weather pattern is going to change dramatically as we go into next week. right now, temperatures are in the teens, actually not that bad for what is minneapolis and chicago. boston at 8, northern new england very cold. this is tracking the arctic air. the blue is the cold air. another chunk heads to new england by next week, middle of next week, there's really no cold air in the lower 48s. amazing. that's a quick look at your national forecast. how, let's take a look outside your window. >> so, today, with the exception of being down there along the gulf coast, especially southern alabama, panhandle of florida, it looks like a dry day everywhere. could have snow showers in the cold air of the great lakes, but overall, you're at beautiful weather. >> that is beautiful weat
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